Meet the GMI Leadership Team

David A. Gray

President and CEO

BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla

MBA Harvard Business School

Mr. Gray has 25 years of operations and program management experience in the Rail Transit Industry serving as Program Manager for the  CTA 3200 project while at Morrison Knudsen in the early 1990’s.  The CTA 3200 Program is still hailed as one of the most successful projects in the industry during that time frame.

During the late 1990’s Mr. Gray served as Vice President and General Manager at Transportation and Transit Associates (TTA) where he transformed the company into a dynamic force in the rail component remanufacture business.

During early 2001, Mr. Gray was hired by the United Industrial Board of Directors to turn around their ailing Transportation Division (AAI Transportation).  Mr. Gray was instrumental in shoring up two major transportation rail contracts with New Jersey Transit and Baltimore Metro and positioned the company for sale of this division’s primary rail contracts.

Mr. Gray is now President and CEO of GMI LLC where he is responsible for Marketing, Engineering and the strategic vision for GMI.  GMI has transformed itself into a leading supplier in the rail transit industry and has pioneered the process of providing large complicated kits of materials to Transit Agencies like the CTA, thereby lowering their supply chain logistic costs by millions of dollars.


Richard Head

Vice President of Materials and Finance

AAS Empire State College Accounting

AAS Alfred State College Business Administration

Mr. Head has 28+ years in supply chain management with companies like Morrison Knudsen (MK), TTA and Alstom and has overseen the procurement functions for multi-million dollar contracts while at each of these companies. 

Mr. Head lead the original CTA 3200 program purchasing team which was one of most successful contracts of that era.  He is a believer of “Project Based” purchasing teams and accountability of his personnel from start to finish of a project.

During the mid 1990’s, Mr. Head hired and implemented the purchasing staff/systems to  transform Transportation and Transit Associates (TTA) into a leading supplier and rehabilitator of transit components.

In early 2000, Mr. Head was asked to join  Alstom Transportation’s procurement team and reorganize and administer the systems and leadership for the R160 NYCTA New Car Procurement team to support a production build rate of 40 vehicles per month.  The R160 Project was one of the largest procurement contracts ever in the history of US rail transit.

Mr. Head, now VP of Materials and Finance at GMI, is responsible for overseeing GMI’s purchasing activities and financial strategies to align GMI with its strategic objective to be a leading supplier of transit components and services to the Rail Mass Transit Industry.


Dennis Mullikin

Vice President of Operations


Ferris State College of Technology

Mr. Mullikin has over 28+ years in the operations and maintenance with companies like Morrison Knudsen (MK) and TTA.  Mr. Mullikin has overseen and implemented multiple factory start-ups and satellite rail transit operations.  He is capable of transforming vacant facilities into working transit manufacturing operations.

While at Morrison Knudsen, Mr. Mullikin was in charge of all plant maintenance operations during the largest remanufacturing contracts ever undertaken.  He oversaw the plant and equipment necessary to overhaul up to 16 rail cars per week on a 3 shift production operation.

While at Transportations and Transit Associates, Mr. Mullikin was in charge of organizing, hiring and directing the manufacture of Siemens MBTA new “Blue Line” cars.

Mr. Mullikin, now VP of Operations at GMI, has been responsible for the set-up of GMI’s 48,000 Sq. Ft facility; he also hires and directs all employees for the overhaul and building of used and new components.