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Car 114 Built by GMI for AnsaldoBreda/NFTA

NFTA Metro Rebuild - Assembled by GMI LLC



Gray Manufacturing Industries (GMI) is a company focused on supplying goods and technical services to the transit industry.  GMI provides technical consulting as well as new and overhauled components to transit authorities and OEM's. GMI was founded in 2006.  Our management team has over 80 years of experience in the rail transit industry and our staff has a combined total of more than 250 years of transit experience.

GMI has expertise in project sourcing and reverse engineering of components which have been obsolete or are no longer supported by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).  GMI routinely solves many transit agency problems on this front including legacy GE Propulsion Systems components.

GMI has proven expertise in delivering complete overhaul kits to transit agencies for the in-house overhaul of rail vehicles.  GMI has successfully delivered 300 carsets of truck kits to the CTA for the CTA 2600 Rail Cars, and 100 car sets of equipment to overhaul the CTA 2600 “Budd” Cars.

GMI is currently working with CTA for 257 car sets of kits for the in-house overhaul of CTA 3200 series rail cars.



Current Projects

Niagara Frontier Transit Authority

Complete car stripping and rebuilding of 6 major subsystems for Light Rail Vehicles.

Chicago Transit Authority

257 car sets of CTA 3200 Series rail car components for CTA’s “In-House Overhaul.


Various after market components including bull gears and pinions read more...